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Mum of triplets hits back at trolls after being called the size of ‘a mansion’

Brittany Schneider, a 34-year-old nurse from Lexington, Kentucky, had an unfortunate experience when she shared a video of her growing baby bump on TikTok last month. Expecting triplets and excited about the upcoming birth, she did not anticipate the hurtful comments about her appearance that followed.

In the viral video titled “Time to meet our triplets,” which garnered over 17 million views, Schneider proudly displays her large baby bump before her scheduled C-section on April 28. However, instead of receiving support and well-wishes, she faced mockery from strangers. Comments such as “Your bump looks like a mansion,” “How many babies are in there?” and “No way is that real” flooded the comments section.

Schneider, already a mother to her three-year-old son Crew, was taken aback by the unexpected reaction. Despite the hurtful remarks, she chose not to let them affect her. Reflecting on her experience, she acknowledged that she had a harder time with body image during her first pregnancy.

Throughout her pregnancy with the triplets, Schneider embraced the journey, fully aware that her belly would grow significantly. She chose to focus on the joy of carrying three precious lives and refused to be too hard on herself.

On April 28, Schneider and her husband, Theodore ‘Tee’ Schneider, joyfully welcomed their identical twin daughters, Andee and Georgia, as well as their son Theodore, affectionately called Teddy. The triplets arrived five and a half weeks premature and have been receiving care in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), where they are growing and thriving.

In a recent update, Schneider shared that Teddy was the first to return home, and his sisters will soon join him. Despite the challenges and sleepless nights, Schneider expresses gratitude for the progress her babies have made and her own post-pregnancy weight loss of 37 pounds.

As she embraces her new role as a mother of four, Schneider is relieved to no longer be pregnant and is grateful for the support she has received. She reflects on her journey with strength and resilience, leaving behind the hurtful comments and focusing on the blessings that her family brings.



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