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Mum says son will ‘never be the same again’ after ‘bullies gave him vape laced with deadly fentanyl’

After smoking a vaporizer that was later discovered to be tainted with fentanyl, a distraught mother worries that her kid would “never be the same again.”

Zach Corona, 13, who had been complaining of chest issues, was found lifeless in their living room on January 1 by Lynda Amos, 45, who was shocked.

Her “straight A” son was brought to the hospital after she swiftly dialed for an ambulance, and there she discovered that Zach had had a stroke and would need to be placed on life support.

The mother of five remembered, “I had no clue what was happening. The paramedic asked whether he’d consumed anything and I responded no, there’s nothing in the home for him to ingest.”

Zach passed out shortly after getting to Children’s Hospital in Erlanger, Tennessee, and had to be placed on life support, according to the DailyMail.

Zach’s pants were where the vape pen was discovered when the medics had to remove his garments.

Medical professionals discovered that fentanyl, a lethal painkiller, and marijuana had been added to the vaporizer.

Zach said he had been given the vape by a gang of adolescents who had “bullied” him into smoking it and threatened to “beat him up” if he didn’t conceal it for them two weeks later when he eventually came out of his coma.

His mother claimed, “He said he’s bewildered about why the kids did this to him since he thought they were his buddies.

He was being slapped and called names, and now he’s seeing a doctor and a counselor.

He was even told by the doctor that they had never been his pals in the first place. Your buddies wouldn’t attempt to harm or kill you in any way.

Zach had speech, physical, and occupational therapy at Children’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, after emerging from his coma. He is presently receiving outpatient care.

Despite this encouraging improvement, Lynda has already been informed by the doctors that Zach “won’t ever be the same child he was.”

The preteen now suffers seizures, damage to the right side of his brain, lost vision in his right eye, and left arm function.

He also had to re-learn how to talk, count, and maintain his equilibrium, among other fundamental skills.

“The fact that my kid returned was a miracle. His demise. I lost my kid,” Lynda remarked.

Lynda is now organizing a fundraiser to pay for Zach’s medical expenses while also promoting the need for parents to take action against bullying.

These parents must exercise caution and pay attention to their children. Parents must take action if their children report being bullied, she advised.

The number of other individuals those kids have harmed is unknowable, and if they harm another child, they may not return as my son did.

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