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Mum, 54, welcomes miracle baby after spending almost £100,000 on IVF over 25 years

A mother from Glasgow, Scotland, has shared her incredible journey of giving birth after enduring over 25 years of IVF treatments and spending nearly £100,000. Helen Dalglish and her husband began trying to conceive when she was 28 years old but faced difficulties in conceiving naturally, leading them to explore IVF to address their “unexplained infertility.”

Despite undergoing intrauterine insemination procedures and self-funded IVF treatments both through the National Health Service (NHS) and privately, their efforts proved unsuccessful. Reflecting on the emotional, physical, and financial toll, 54-year-old Helen describes the challenging times they experienced throughout their fertility journey.

“There were moments when we took breaks for a year or two,” she recalls. “Since they said it was unexplained, we tried yoga, meditation, and alternative health, hoping that forgetting about it might lead to a spontaneous pregnancy.”

Unfortunately, after four failed intrauterine insemination procedures and more than two decades of unsuccessful IVF attempts, Helen experienced devastating disappointment with each failure, comparing it to a sense of loss, told Daily Mail.

“Each failure left me absolutely devastated. It felt like mourning,” she shares. “I would be down for a couple of weeks, but then I would gather myself and think, ‘If you want this baby, you have to stay strong.'”

Helen discovered she had a tilted womb, which affected her previous embryo transfers, and endured three miscarriages while losing ten robust embryos from donor eggs. At one point, she was hesitant to pursue one final treatment. However, the passing of her father and a conversation with her mother provided her with the determination to continue.

“My father was seriously ill before he passed away, and my mom suggested that I try another treatment,” Helen remembers. “Before my dad passed, he asked my mom, ‘What can I send you from heaven?’ She replied, ‘Please send her a baby.'”

“That extra push came from my dad in the end.” Her decision proved to be life-changing. While the initial attempt at Dunya Fertility Centre in Kyrenia was unsuccessful, Helen successfully became pregnant on the second attempt.

“When we found out, both of us burst into tears and screamed. I believe my dad had something to do with it,” she says. “It felt like 25 years of grief escaping and catching me off guard.”

Now, Helen is a proud mother to a little girl named Daisy Grace. Reflecting on her journey, she expresses pure joy and gratitude, describing her daughter as calm, content, and a blessing she had been waiting for.

“I was reaching the deadline at 53. I believe you can’t pursue treatment beyond 55,” Helen explains. “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the staff, doctors, and everyone at the clinic.” Daisy Grace, a precious gift, has made every moment of the 25-year wait worthwhile for Helen.

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