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His Mother texts him after learning about the good deed, his response brought tears to her eyes

Tommy O’Connor, a student at a local high school, took a short trip across the street to the nearby 7-11 to buy sodas for himself and his brother. While in the store’s parking lot, he stumbled upon a wallet containing several $100 bills, totaling $2,300.

Without hesitation, the young man promptly returned to his school and handed the wallet over to a helpful teacher’s aide, who ensured its safe return to the rightful owner. As it turned out, the wallet belonged to a veteran, who expressed gratitude by giving Tommy a $50 reward as a token of appreciation.

Tommy and his family live on a fixed income, and just the day before, he didn’t have enough money to purchase lunch. When his mother learned about the selfless act her son had performed, she sent him a text message, eagerly awaiting his response.

What Tommy replied to his mother’s message was truly heartwarming and uplifting!

To witness the touching moment, watch the video below.

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