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Mother was left horrified after picking up her baby from childcare, ‘but wait until you hear what the doctors asked her’!

A distressed mother was shocked when she picked up her 10-week-old baby from a local childcare center in Australia on June 12, 2023. To her horror, she discovered her infant bleeding and covered in scratches all over his face. This incident has sparked concerns about child safety, and potential charges may be faced by the childcare center staff involved. Let’s delve into the details of this disturbing incident.

Rachel, the mother, received a distressing call from the Only About Children center and hurried to the scene after receiving photos of her injured baby’s face. The images were so disturbing that Rachel found it difficult to bring herself to look at them.

According to the childcare staff, the incident happened accidentally during a brief period when Noah, the baby, was unsupervised. However, given the severity of the scratches, Rachel found it hard to accept this explanation. Her baby had over 20 scratches in total.

When she took Noah to the hospital, doctors expressed disbelief that such injuries could occur accidentally. They were deeply concerned about the extent of the scratches and conducted a thorough examination to ensure that Noah’s eyes and brain were not harmed.

Noah is currently receiving medical care, and doctors have reassured Rachel that the wounds should heal without leaving any scars. However, it will take time for Rachel to overcome the emotional trauma caused by this incident. The childcare center has reported the incident to the Department of Education and has implemented additional measures.

This includes a review of their procedures during nappy change times to prevent similar occurrences in the future. A representative from the Department of Education has stated that the childcare center has taken steps to address the incident and emphasized its commitment to the safety and well-being of every child.

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