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Mother-in-law Criticized For Wearing mini Dress At Her Son’s Wedding: looks like she’s going to a ‘sexy funeral’

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, which is why so much thought goes into everyone’s outfits, not just the bride’s.

However, one mother-in-law has divided opinion online after being chastised for wearing a ‘tacky’ black dress to her son’s wedding.

The dress made its way to Reddit when photos of it were shared in the ‘wedding shaming’ forum, along with a caption explaining that it belonged to the mother-of-the-groom.

The post was captioned “Mother-in-church law’s wedding look” and featured the mother-in-law wearing a very plunging black gown.

The photo did not go unnoticed on the forum, and users quickly weighed in on whether it was a wedding look worth shaming.

“I have absolutely no problems with this outfit,” wrote one user in support of the dress. I would wear it if my body was as good as hers. She’s also not dressed in white.”

“That’s one hot mama!” said another. This dress does not bother me.”

“She looks fantastic!” “What’s the problem?” asked a third, while a fourth wrote, “Uhh, is this ageist or what?” I guess you have a very strict church view or something because this is completely fine with me. And she is stunning. Not tacky, and not too much of anything is shown. She appears to be elegant [sic].”

“As a former wedding planner, I don’t see an issue,” a fifth viewer commented. “Not every church has a conservative dress code. It isn’t white. And the MOG looks great in it.”

However, not everyone thought it was appropriate, with one user comparing it to a sexy funeral dress.

“But it’s black,” they observed, “like she’s going to a sexy funeral.”

“It’s the dress’s low low cut, high leg ‘look at my style,” a second added. “It just makes me cringe.”

“She’s screaming for attention,” said a third observer of the black dress, who described it as “tacky.”

Then there was this user who seemed to be on the fence about their assessment of the dress.

“[Wearing black] is considered rude in some cultures because it can represent mourning,” they wrote. “However, it is acceptable in other places.”

“However, in most cultures, wearing a micro skirt to church would be considered inappropriate.”



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