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Mother Died From Severe Malnutrition After Carrying an Unborn Fetus for 9 Years Inside Her Body

A 50-year-old mother who had carried a foetus inside of her for almost ten years passed away from acute starvation. A woman who is carrying an unborn foetus. The unidentified woman was born in the Congo. She complained to doctors in New York about having indigestion, stomach pains, and gurgling sounds after meals.

According to the Daily Mail, the scans showed that she had a “stone baby,” or a petrified embryo, squashed inside of her intestines, which was believed to be the result of a miscarriage nine years prior.

The foetus was allegedly blocking the woman’s small intestine, which caused her to starve or become malnourished, according to medical professionals. She was unable to absorb essential nutrients as a result, which caused her to starve.

Tissue deterioration that results in cardiac arrest or cardiac arrhythmia, an abnormal heartbeat, may be the cause of death. Another reason can be an infection brought on by a compromised immune system. The woman turned to assistance out of fear of surgery, according to Dr Waseem Sous, an expert in internal medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical University. She passed away 14 months after coming to the country.

Describe Stone Baby.

Ectopic pregnancies, in which the foetus develops outside the womb, frequently result in stone babies. The term “lithopaedion” refers to the condition of having a stone baby. When an abdominal pregnancy ends but the foetus is not evacuated, it happens. With approximately 300 to 400 confirmed occurrences, this illness is extremely uncommon.

It poses no threat. Before this illness was identified, some women carried the remains of their unborn foetus for almost 50 years. While examining stomach symptoms, unusual bleeding, or an unintentional discovery, the condition is found. Only when the foetus has been developing for at least 14 weeks does lithopaedion occur? It is one of the numerous pregnancy problems that can have long-term effects on the mother’s health.

Those who have encountered its report that some symptoms they noted include irregular bleeding and spotting, sudden menses, difficulty urinating because of pressure on the bladder, and inexplicable bulges in their stomach. The existence of lithopaedion is not the only factor in the aforementioned circumstances, though.

In Chile, a similar incident was reported in 2015. After slipping, Estela Melendez, 91, went to the hospital where she was horrified to hear she had a tumour. In a video interview with CNN, she said that she was informed that she need surgery.

According to The Washington Post, a second X-ray revealed that the object was actually a petrified foetus that the woman had been carrying for over 60 years rather than a tumour. Because of her stone baby, Melendez has had a little bump on her stomach for fifty years. She has, however, only sometimes had pain and no other significant health issues.

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