Mother-daughter duo nabbed in drug bust ‘methed up and found out,’ Florida sheriff says

A mother and daughter from Florida were apprehended by law enforcement officers on multiple drug-related charges over the weekend, prompting a lighthearted Facebook post from the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, playfully stating that the duo had “method up.”

In a humor-infused Facebook update, the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office introduced the incident as the latest episode of “Methed Up and Found Out.” Michell Lee Cannon, 43, and her daughter Jazmine Lee Cannon, 22, were pulled over by Deputy David Guzman in Port St. John due to expired tags.

During the traffic stop, Deputy Guzman, with the assistance of Deputy Darien Fedro, noticed drug paraphernalia in plain sight inside the vehicle, as described in the post. A subsequent search uncovered a locked box near Michell Cannon’s seat, which officers claim contained a “clear sandwich bag with a crystal-like substance.” Additionally, weighing scales and other drug paraphernalia were discovered in the car.

In a tongue-in-cheek manner, Deputies Guzman and Fedro reportedly remarked, “Man, that’s method up,” upon confirming that the crystal-like substance, weighing approximately 17.6 ounces, tested positive for methamphetamine. The officers also located “several used syringes,” including one containing a yellowish liquid that field-tested positive for fentanyl.

The BCSO’s Facebook post continued with playful banter, stating, “Since we don’t ‘meth around’ with drug dealers here in Brevard County, Michell Cannon was transported to ‘Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge.'” The reference to “Ivey’s Iron Bar Lodge” is a humorous way of alluding to jail, with “Ivey” representing Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey.

Based on the BCSO booking documents, Michell Cannon faced charges of controlled substance trafficking and possession, both felonies, as well as driving with a suspended license and drug paraphernalia possession, both misdemeanors. She was held on a bond of $34,000, and a court date for her trafficking charge was scheduled for July 27.

Jazmine Lee Cannon, the daughter, allegedly had “less than a gram of methamphetamine hidden in her bra” and a used syringe in her pants. She was charged with felony methamphetamine possession and misdemeanor drug paraphernalia possession, with a bond set at $2,500.

The BCSO concluded their account of the Cannons’ arrests by humorously mentioning that the pair qualified for the “family plan” at the jail, which entailed receiving a “framed family booking photo.”

Sheriff Wayne Ivey added a final touch of jest, warning potential drug dealers, “If you don’t think we will lock your butt up for being a drug dealer in Brevard County… just ‘meth up and find out!!”

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