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Mother creates controversy by confessing that she allows her children to swear

A mother of four has sparked a discussion after admitting that she allows her children to curse. The TikTok user released a video in which she claimed that if her children curse, she will ‘not correct them.’ Casara, who goes by the handle @casaranjuan on the social media app, stated that she had a “very open and honest connection” with her children, according to The Sun.

“They understand when they may swear, how they can swear, and with whom they can swear – and they’re permitted to swear,” she adds. “If you believe the worst thing your child can do is swear, you’re in for a surprise.”

Credit: tiktok/@casaranjuan

According to the Manchester Evening News, Casara named the video “5 things we let our kids do as parents of four,” and in it, she describes how if they are out drinking with friends and ask to be picked up, she will always pick them up and discuss what occurred the next day.

“Let’s face it, peer pressure is real, and individuals can’t learn unless they make errors or do something they shouldn’t,” she added. The mother, who is from the United States, also stated that children are not required to “kiss, embrace, or linger about you if they want not to.” She also stated that she believes youngsters should not be encouraged to pursue higher education and that she educates them about love.

Credit: tiktok/@casaranjuan

Despite this, what got people talking was Casara’s attitude on swearing, with almost 5,000 people commenting on her video, some applauding and others criticizing her. She went on to produce a second video on different issues after gaining so much attention. “We allow our kids to curse – yeah, but they don’t roam around our house swearing, effing this, and doing that,” she says in the video.

Who, as my spouse put it, considers swear words to swear words? Who decided these were terrible words? We swear, and it started with my son saying ‘s***’ if he went by and stubbed his toe.

@casaranjuan We have a very open & honest relationship with our kids #ReTokforNature #MessFreeHero #parents #parenting #parentsoftiktok #parentingtips #parentsbelike #moms #dads #momsoftiktok #dadsoftiktok #momlife #momtok #parenttok #open #honest #parentinghacks ♬ original sound – CasaraNJuan

“They’re not walking around swearing up a storm. I’m just not going to correct them if they speak a cuss word or whatever!” The picture was defiantly captioned: “Don’t be concerned about what other people think of YOUR parenting. You understand what is best for you and YOURS.”



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