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Mom whose son survived the deadly Blue Whale challenge wants to raise awareness of it

A mother whose son survived the dangerous Blue Whale challenge has come forward to raise awareness about this alarming trend. Originating in Russia in 2015, the Blue Whale Challenge targets teenagers and presents a series of 50 tasks over 50 days. It has since spread to other countries, including Ukraine and the US.

The challenge, according to the Surrey Safeguarding Children Partnership, encourages children and young people to engage in a sequence of 50 tasks that ultimately lead them toward taking their own lives. Refusal to comply with the tasks can result in threats from administrators to harm the individual and their family. The administrators claim to possess the ability to hack IP addresses and locate the family home.

One mother who has experienced the devastating consequences of this challenge is Olga Tkachenko from Ukraine. Her son, Mykyta Kovalchuk, aged 10, jumped from a six-story balcony in Kyiv last September while completing the final task of the Blue Whale challenge.

Earlier that day, Mykyta had been sent home from school due to feeling unwell, so Olga briefly left him at their apartment to purchase medicine to alleviate his discomfort. During her absence, it is reported that the 10-year-old consumed a significant amount of alcohol. He then proceeded to the balcony, climbed down to the windowsill, and drew a heart on the glass before stepping out.

Upon returning home, Olga was confronted by police officers who informed her that Mykyta was in critical condition at the hospital. Miraculously, despite falling 66 feet, he avoided fatal damage to his internal organs and bones, and his spinal cord remained intact.

However, Mykyta spent two months in the hospital, half of which was in intensive care due to his severe condition. Although he has physically recovered nine months after the incident, Olga expresses concern that his abusers may target him again, putting his life in danger.

In an interview on local TV, Olga shared her thoughts: “He was a well-behaved child and excelled academically. He had everything he needed. I couldn’t understand how this could happen to him and our family… His abusers will hunt him again, and his life is still at risk. I live in constant anxiety and fear for my son’s life. I fear they will find him again to fulfill their sinister intentions.

I want to caution parents about such situations that shatter lives and destinies.” Olga’s courageous act of speaking out serves as a crucial warning to parents and communities about the profound impact and ongoing danger posed by the Blue Whale challenge.

Ashlie is a senior reporter for the TosBos News. She covers live and breaking news from 6 am every day. Ashlie joined the M.E.N. in 2019 having previously worked for Cavendish Press news agency.


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