Arkansas Mom Who Fatally Shot Son After She Got Stuck on Lawn Mower Says She ‘Just Wanted to Scare Him

Authorities in Arkansas have accused a mother of shooting and fatally wounding her son during an argument that originated when she became stuck on a lawn mower.

According to court records, Tabatha Pebler, aged 43, contacted the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office to report that she had shot her son, Brandon Chrisco.

Peter explained to the police that she was mowing her lawn and encountered a problem where the mower became stuck. Allegedly, she requested Chrisco’s assistance to resolve the issue, but he became upset about having to help her.

Chrisco initially came to his mother’s aid, but she reportedly became stuck again. At this point, he purportedly referred to his mother using derogatory language and pushed her off the lawnmower.

According to authorities, Pebler walked to her car and retrieved her pistol from the center console. Chrisco was approaching his mother when she allegedly fired “warning shots” in his direction, but he continued to advance.

As Chrisco drew nearer, Pebler discharged her weapon once more, hitting him in the upper-left part of his chest. The bullet passed through his body, officials stated.

During the investigation, the suspect claimed that she did not intend to kill her son; rather, she wanted to frighten him and put an end to the altercation.

Pebler was arrested on June 5 and charged with second-degree murder. She was subsequently released on a $25,000 bond, according to authorities.

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