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Scans Revealed Mom Was Pregnant With 5 Babies Then Worryingly Her Belly Began To Bruise

A heartwarming story unfolded when scans revealed that a mother was expecting five babies, but concerns arose as her belly began to bruise and swell. While the birth of a child is typically a joyous occasion, it can also bring about challenges to parental well-being. Germina Garcia and her husband, Fernando, had the desire to expand their family, which led them to pursue fertility treatment to increase their chances of conceiving.

The use of fertility treatments among American women has been on the rise, but it also carries potential consequences, including a higher likelihood of multiple gestations. It wasn’t entirely surprising when Germina learned during an early prenatal appointment that she was carrying not just one, but five babies. Living in Utah, far from their birthplace in Mexico, Germina would undergo a cesarean section at the University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City, with hopes of a successful delivery for all five infants.

The occurrence of quintuplets is extremely rare, with fewer than 10 sets born in the United States annually. In fact, there were only 47 recorded live births of quintuplets or larger sets in 2014. This made Germina’s case particularly unique for the medical team at the University of Utah Hospital, but they faced the challenge head-on with a dedicated team of eight doctors, an anesthesiologist, and numerous nurses. Given Germina’s diagnosis of severe preeclampsia, which causes high blood pressure and swelling, close monitoring was essential.

Despite her health concerns, Germina remained remarkably composed throughout the ordeal. Her resilience impressed Tracy Manuck, a physician at the University of Utah, who described her as an extraordinary person who never complained. Severe preeclampsia can have life-threatening consequences for both the mother and unborn babies. However, Germina’s abdominal bruising, caused by the crowded space inside her womb, turned out to be harmless.

Despite complications that required Germina to spend a significant portion of her pregnancy in bed, she managed to carry the quintuplets for 32 weeks, surpassing the average duration for quints. These additional weeks allowed the babies’ lungs to develop, reducing their potential stay in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

Finally, the day arrived for the babies to be born. With Fernando by her side, wearing blue scrubs and offering unwavering support, Germina delivered all five babies without complications, with each arrival just two minutes apart. The medical team consisting of eight physicians, an anesthesiologist, and 12 nurses ensured a smooth delivery. The three girls, Marisa, Fatima, and Esmeralda, along with the two boys, Jordan and Fernando, entered the world weighing between two and three pounds each.

Overwhelmed with joy, Fernando expressed his disbelief at having five babies, but he and Germina were determined to find a way to manage their growing family. With the support of nearby family members and generous paternity leave, the Garcias embarked on the adventure of raising their healthy and happy babies, knowing that they had already overcome the most challenging part of their journey.

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