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The new mom wanted pretty birth photos. Her husband ‘did the best he could.’

Taylor Silva, a new mother, had high hopes for the hospital photos capturing the precious moments of her labor and delivery. However, she was left a bit disappointed by her husband’s photography skills.

In a TikTok video that garnered over 2 million views, Silva juxtaposed her desired photos during labor and postpartum with the reality captured by her husband. The first half of the video showcased images of radiant pregnant and postpartum women, while the subsequent pictures revealed Silva in the intense stages of labor, sporting a wet rag on her forehead, and holding her newborn daughter, Kennedy, born in January 2022. The final snapshot depicted Silva seated in a wheelchair, desperately sipping coffee before heading to the hospital with her baby.

Reflecting on the photos, Silva humorously expressed her feelings, saying, “I didn’t bring any makeup to the hospital, but I wasn’t expecting to look that bad. I wasn’t trying to be a glam girl, but I wanted to look presentable. I wish I had brushed my hair.”

Silva’s husband was responsible for capturing and sharing the photos with their families, who couldn’t be present in the delivery room due to COVID-19 restrictions. Silva admits that she was “out of it” while her husband clicked away, enduring a 43-hour labor that left her physically and emotionally drained.

The TikTok community resonated with Silva’s images, sharing their own relatable post-birth stories. Many applauded the “real and wonderful” portrayal of the messy and exhausting reality of childbirth, contrasting it with staged and curated images often seen on social media. Some empathized with partners who may overlook a mother’s desire for photo approval, while others shared their own disappointing experiences of unflattering photos being circulated among family and friends.

Despite initially feeling rattled by the less-than-glamorous images, Silva now embraces them with a sense of humor and gratitude. She acknowledges that her husband did his best, and she wouldn’t trade those imperfect photos for anything.

Looking ahead, Silva plans to create a comeback video after the birth of her second baby, offering another chance for her husband to capture the precious moments in a different light.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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