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14 children already, the mother proudly shares her accomplishment of conceiving without IVF and openly expresses her desire to expand her family even further

Karen and Deon Derrico, stars of the TLC series Doubling Down with the Derricos, are proud parents to 14 children, including multiples and non-multiples. Despite facing criticism from trolls who question her ability to love all her children, Karen, 43, is determined to have as many children as she is blessed with.

The Derrico family’s journey started with a “normal” pace of having children, but soon Karen found herself giving birth to multiple. They had Darian, 17, Derrick, 12, followed by twins Dallas and Denver, 11. Things got even more chaotic when Karen conceived quintuplets—Deniko, Dariz, Deonee, Daiten, and Daician, who are now nine.

Subsequently, Karen gave birth to triplets—Diez, Dior, and Carter, six, although Carter sadly passed away shortly after birth. In an interview with Insider, Karen, who has never undergone IVF and has experienced two miscarriages, expressed her determination to keep her promise of having as many children as God blesses her with.

She acknowledges that expanding her family will invite criticism from strangers, who often accuse her of being unable to love all her children, having an untidy home, feeling overwhelmed, enduring harsh pregnancies, and being different because of her race.

Karen vehemently disagrees with claims that she can’t provide attention to all her children. Both she and her husband work from home, enabling them to homeschool their kids and support them in finding their passions. Karen proudly shares how she nurtured her daughter Darian’s writing talent from a young age, leading her to attend the Tisch Summer High School Dramatic Writing Program at New York University with a full scholarship.

Addressing assumptions about her home being perpetually messy, Karen explains that her experience as a preschool teacher has prepared her for maintaining an organized household, even with a large number of kids. She emphasizes that she has taught all her children to clean up after themselves and has implemented rules to maintain order and avoid chaos.

Contrary to concerns about the toll on her health, Karen disagrees and considers herself fortunate to have carried all her children naturally without experiencing morning sickness, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Her healthy diet and body constitution have played a crucial role, according to her OB-GYN.

The family also confronts stereotypes about black families, including absent fathers and uneducated children. Karen and Deon, who grew up with single parents, work diligently to debunk these stereotypes and showcase the healthiness of their relationship with their children.

Karen once broke down the costs of raising such a large family, revealing their substantial monthly grocery bill of $3,500. They go through 15 boxes of waffles and 20 rolls of toilet paper each week. Ensuring financial stability for their large family has always been a priority, with Karen being a stay-at-home mom and Deon being a real estate investor.

The Derricos demonstrate that despite facing criticism and challenges, they are devoted parents determined to provide a loving and fulfilling life for their 14 children.

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