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Mom Going To Jail After Neighbor Spotted What She Did Outside To Her Baby

In Arlington, Texas, a disturbing incident unfolded as a homeowner settled in for the evening on Sunday. Upon hearing strange noises outside, the homeowner promptly contacted the police, only to realize that a woman was engaged in peculiar behavior down the street. However, things took a turn for the worse when the woman unexpectedly entered their neighbor’s unlocked front door, carrying her 2-year-old child.

The situation became even more distressing when the homeowner discovered that the woman’s baby was naked, displaying alarming circumstances in their living room. When law enforcement arrived at the startled neighbor’s residence, the woman, identified as Amanda Smith, appeared highly intoxicated. In an attempt to evade the authorities, she swiftly grabbed her child and tried to flee but was apprehended shortly after. The shocking revelation came when Smith disclosed that she had another infant in her care, though she couldn’t recall where she had left him. It took eight hours before the baby boy was eventually located, revealing a disturbing state.

According to WBRZ, Officers encountered great difficulty communicating with Smith due to her extreme level of intoxication. She made inconsistent claims, initially asserting that the second child was with their grandmother. However, when the grandmother arrived at the scene, she did not have the baby. Subsequently, Smith mentioned the possibility of leaving the infant in a field behind an automotive shop. The ensuing search left the authorities stunned by what they discovered.

In the early hours of the morning, around 3:30 a.m., the baby was found near a creek, in close proximity to the mentioned automotive shop. The infant was concealed amidst thick vegetation, tucked beneath his stroller, and covered in insect bites from head to toe. Remarkably, he had managed to survive and was in relatively stable condition given the circumstances.

During the search for the missing baby, a compassionate officer stayed with Smith’s toddler, providing care and support. Lieutenant Christopher Cook recounted finding the infant hidden behind a dilapidated fence, clad only in a diaper and suffering from bug bites and a rash. Fortunately, the child, against the odds, was okay.

While Smith was charged with abandoning and endangering a child, many believe that her actions warrant more severe accusations of neglect and abuse. It is clear that she has deeper issues and is presently unfit to be a responsible parent to her young children, who require substantial care and attention. However, the charges brought against her seem relatively minor, and it is expected that she will face a simple fine, potentially allowing her to regain custody of her children promptly through Child Protective Services.

The situation at hand goes beyond a one-night episode of excessive drinking leading to the abandonment of a naked baby in a bush. It is evident that this woman is grappling with a serious problem and is incapable of fulfilling the essential parental responsibilities demanded by her young children.

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