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Mom goes into labor at her local pool, teenage lifeguard jumps in ‘to save the day

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Navigating the world of full-time employment as a young teenager can be quite overwhelming. For one particular teenager, Natalie, her work shift took an unexpected turn when she found herself assisting a woman in labor, an experience far beyond her job description.

Natalie, an 18-year-old lifeguard, demonstrated remarkable responsibility, which was why she was employed at such a tender age.

Her role was to ensure the safety of everyone at the pool, diligently enforcing safety rules and fostering a secure environment. Having been a lifeguard for three years, Natalie was well-versed in her responsibilities.

During one of her morning shifts, she observed a pregnant woman named Tessa Rider, accompanied by her husband Matthew Jones, entering the pool area. While an expectant woman at the pool was slightly unusual, it wasn’t entirely implausible, and Natalie initially paid minimal attention.

However, Natalie had a lingering awareness of Tessa’s pregnant state, and it wasn’t long before she noticed signs of distress. “She had a pool noodle to try to relieve some tension from all that weight on the front of her, I’m assuming, and then she started crawling out of the pool… and I was like, alright, I need to go check to make sure everything’s OK there,” Natalie recounted.

Upon approaching, Natalie discovered that Tessa’s water had broken on the pool deck. With Matthew informing her that Tessa was going into labor, Natalie sprang into action.

The urgency of the situation prompted her adrenaline to kick in. Matthew called 911 while Tessa removed her swimsuit, and Natalie noticed that the baby was already crowning. Despite the rapid progression of events, the couple remained remarkably composed.

“I knew I needed to stay calm and level-headed. The couple was very calm about it all while it was happening, which kind of surprised me. So I made sure to keep my head on and stay with them, keep asking them questions, keep them focused on the baby, and ensure that they were as comfortable as possible,” Natalie recalled.

Taking swift action, Natalie fetched the first aid kit and any available medical supplies. She also secured towels and alerted the front desk to solicit additional assistance. Her concentration remained firmly on the unfolding situation, guiding Tessa into a position of comfort.

Eventually, the baby arrived, and Matthew caught the newborn in his hands. Throughout the ordeal, bystanders at the scene dialed 911 for medical attention, which promptly arrived for both the mother and child.

Tessa expressed her gratitude, stating, “Without Natalie there, I wouldn’t have been able to give my attention to Toby.” Natalie’s presence and quick thinking played an invaluable role in this unexpected delivery.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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