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Mom claims doctors told her everything was fine with her baby, but now ‘she is desperately hoping for one thing to save her baby’s life’!

The natural process of bonding between a mother and her newborn is a cherished experience for most. They instinctively hold their babies close, rocking them gently, making eye contact, singing or talking to them, and beginning the nurturing act of breastfeeding.

However, for 28-year-old Jade, the joy of bonding with her son Louis took a devastating turn. Just hours after giving birth, she felt overwhelming love and attachment, only to later find herself desperately waiting for a life-saving intervention for her little boy.

Despite doctors initially assuring Jade that her baby was fine, Louis is now fighting for his life. Jade has been forced to make funeral arrangements while she anxiously awaits a heart transplant to keep her one-year-old son alive. When Louis was just eight weeks old, he fell seriously ill after battling enterovirus.

Jade shared her heartbreaking story with The Mirror, expressing her fear of losing her world. She has spent countless hours by Louis’ bedside, pleading for his recovery and desperately clinging to the hope of a heart transplant. Although Louis’ condition has stabilized, for now, temporary measures like a mechanical heart are only stopgaps.

The baby’s ordeal began at just three weeks old when Jade noticed his mottled skin and struggled to breathe. Days later, he suffered seizures and was urgently rushed to the hospital. Tests revealed that Louis was grappling with enterovirus, late-onset Strep B, meningitis, and sepsis, which tragically caused severe damage to his heart.

As his condition worsened, he experienced multiple cardiac arrests, leaving doctors with no choice but to place him on the urgent organ transplant list. Louis, who recently marked his first birthday in the hospital, is now awaiting a life-saving operation. Jade hopes that by sharing her son’s story, more people will consider becoming organ donors.

She understands the reluctance to contemplate such matters, especially for parents who cherish their healthy children. However, she also emphasizes the vital importance of organ donations, drawing from her own painful experience. Jade’s ultimate goal is to raise awareness and save more lives through her son’s story.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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