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Mom abandoned her baby in the hospital, ‘things got much worse when they lift his blanket’!

Child abandonment is a harsh reality that unfolds in various ways, driven by a multitude of unique circumstances. While the impact on a child’s life is undeniably devastating, the reasons behind such acts can sometimes be partially understood.

Child abandonment occurs when a parent, guardian, or caregiver completely deserts a child, disregarding their physical health, safety, and overall well-being. It can also manifest when parents fail to provide the necessary care for a child living under the same roof.

In the case of Gabe, his journey began with rejection from his mother due to a physical deformity he was born with. Merely a few days old, he found himself devoid of everything. Born in Brazil, Gabe was abandoned by his mother and left at an orphanage shortly after his birth. His mother’s disappointment upon seeing him prompted her decision to abandon him.

Consequently, Gabe spent his early days lying alone in a hospital bed, facing a future where his chances of adoption seemed nearly impossible. Gabe was born without arms or legs, and diagnosed with a rare condition called Hanhart syndrome, which stunted the development of his limbs, mouth, and jaw.

As the nurse lifted Gabe’s blanket, the shocking realization of his missing limbs dawned upon her. Gabe’s prospects appeared bleak, and he seemed destined for a solitary life confined to a hospital bed. His distinctive appearance made his chances of adoption exceedingly slim. However, fate took an unexpected turn when Janelle, a woman in the United States, came across Gabe’s picture in a supermarket.

While many may have felt a passing sympathy, Janelle couldn’t shake the thought of the toddler from her mind. She instinctively knew that she wanted to provide this child with a home, even though it wasn’t an easy decision for her and her husband, who already had 13 children in Ohio.

Determined, Janelle embarked on a mission to locate the orphanage where Gabe resided and initiated the adoption process. Though progress was not swift, once the necessary paperwork was completed, Janelle and her husband, Ron, eagerly made their way to the airport to finally welcome their long-awaited son. Love blossomed at first sight.

Gabe, arriving as an infant, thrived within his newfound family. From a tender age, his parents were resolute in ensuring his independence despite his disabilities. By the time he turned 12, Gabe could accomplish almost everything other children his age could do. He dressed himself, walked, ate, swam, and even climbed stairs unassisted.

As Gabe graduated from high school, his journey toward independence continued. He moved out of his family home, embarking on a career as a motivational speaker. His parents’ aspiration was for him to cultivate self-reliance and not be reliant on others for his entire life.

With his growing confidence as a dancer, Gabe pursued his dreams as a motivational speaker, captivating audiences with his inspiring story. Additionally, he became a prominent social media influencer, amassing a substantial following on Instagram, where thousands of followers eagerly follow Gabe’s inspiring journey.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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