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Mississippi Woman Fired for Taking on Caretaker Role for Inmate’s Newborn Baby

Roberta Bell, a former correctional officer at the Louisiana Transitional Center for Women in Tallulah, Louisiana, lost her job after taking on the role of caretaker for an inmate’s newborn child.

The inmate, Katie Bourgeois, who was concerned about Child Protection Services taking custody of her baby, approached Bell for assistance, WLBT reports.

Initially seen as a joke among staff, the situation became a reality when Bourgeois pleaded with Bell to be the caretaker. Bell contacted her employers well in advance but received no response until days before the baby’s birth.

Ultimately, the exchange of information with Bourgeois resulted in Bell’s termination. Despite losing her job, Bell is now dedicated to caring for Cayson Bourgeois until Katie’s release and hopes to fulfill her dream of opening a recovery home for women transitioning out of prison.

She sees her involvement in this situation as a calling to minister to women in need. Bell eagerly awaits the day when Bourgeois and Cayson will be reunited and feels blessed to have been part of something greater than her previous job.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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