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Missing California Woman: Ex-Rockstar Boyfriend from Experimental Band Under Investigation

A 61-year-old California woman, Alice “Alyx” Kamakaokalani Herrmann, has been reported missing since December 3, with investigators focusing their efforts on her boyfriend, Theo Brooks Lengyel. The El Cerrito Police Department, in a recent news release, revealed that Herrmann’s relatives raised concerns after not hearing from her for over a week.

Herrmann’s car was located outside Lengyel’s residence in El Cerrito, California. Investigators have labeled Lengyel, a 54-year-old ex-rockstar who played saxophone, clarinet, and keyboards in the experimental rock band Mr. Bungle from 1985 to 1996, as a person of interest. The police noted that Lengyel has not cooperated with the investigation, and they suspect he drove from El Cerrito to Portland, Oregon, in the days following Herrmann’s disappearance.

Both Lengyel’s and Herrmann’s vehicles are now in police custody. The El Cerrito Police Department is collaborating with the Portland Police Department to track down the missing woman and her boyfriend. Authorities are urging residents in the area, particularly those who frequent regional parks and open spaces, to be vigilant for any suspicious activity that might lead to Herrmann’s whereabouts.

Herrmann is described as a 5 feet 4 inches tall Pacific Islander woman weighing 135 lbs, with hazel eyes and brown hair. Lengyel is a 5 feet 10 inches tall white man weighing 170 lbs, with brown eyes and brown hair.

As an additional identifier, Lengyel also goes by the stage name “Mylo Stone” from his time with Mr. Bungle, a band known for its experimental rock music. He played a significant role in the group from 1985 until 1996, contributing to the band’s first two albums. The El Cerrito Police Department is actively seeking information from the public to aid in locating Herrmann and resolving the circumstances surrounding her disappearance.

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