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Michelle Obama’s Potential Emergence as a Last-Minute 2024 Election Contender Sparks Speculation

Renowned Fox News Contributor Suggests Former First Lady Could Replace Biden. Speculation has arisen regarding Michelle Obama’s potential candidacy for the 2024 general election.

In the midst of growing discussions, Fox News opinion contributor Liz Peek has put forth the notion that if incumbent candidate Joe Biden were to withdraw from his re-election campaign, the former first lady could be an apt last-minute substitute.

Peek articulated, “Amidst speculations that the president might exit the race due to allegations of corruption, mounting signs of cognitive decline, and dismal approval ratings, it’s plausible that only the former first lady possesses the name recognition and popularity required to step in as an eleventh-hour replacement.” Peek further stated, “Mrs. Obama, a figure widely admired across the nation, would stand a strong chance of securing victory.”

One of the considerations raised by the opinion writer is the ongoing saga surrounding Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, which could potentially cast a shadow over his re-election endeavor.

Interestingly, this conjecture aligns with a forecast previously made by self-proclaimed Donald Trump loyalist Roger Stone in July.

Drawing from his extensive experience in American politics, Stone offered a striking prediction, stating, “Allow me to share something that might seem startling—I believe Joe Biden will not be the Democratic Party’s nominee in 2024.

Kamala Harris may briefly ascend to the presidency, yet the party’s strategy would entail replacing one woman of color with another, and thus, it’s my exclusive forecast that Michelle Obama will be the Democratic presidential nominee.”

While some political analysts have labeled this rumor a reactionary tactic by conservatives, it remains a distant possibility given Michelle Obama’s consistent assertion that she has no intention of pursuing a political candidacy.

In the event that she was to consider entering the race—an outcome deemed unlikely due to her firm stance against running—Michelle Obama would join the ranks of former first ladies such as Hillary Clinton who ventured into presidential campaigns.



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