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The Controversial ‘Michelle Obama Is A Man’ Conspiracy Theory, Explained

Conspiracy theories circulating online have sparked a new wave of speculation, suggesting that former U.S. First Lady Michelle Obama is secretly a man.

While some individuals take these allegations seriously, others view them as outlandish and unfounded. The claims rely on screenshots, photos, and what proponents consider as “evidence” that Michelle Obama was previously known as Michael.

Why Did Barack Obama Call Michelle Obama ‘Michael?’

In 2011, during Barack Obama’s presidency, a video was uploaded to the White House’s YouTube channel in which he welcomed the new Joint Chief of Staff Chairman, Mike Mullen. Conspiracy theorists later resurfaced the video, focusing on a moment when Obama expressed gratitude to Admiral Mullen, Deborah, and Michael. They believed that Obama misspoken Michelle’s name, using her previous male name instead. However, credible sources like Reuters challenged this claim, stating that Obama was referring to Mullen’s son, also named Michael.

Why Do People Think Michelle Obama Looks Like A Man?

From 2013 onwards, various YouTube videos emerged, delving into photos of Michelle Obama and scrutinizing them for perceived masculine features. These videos largely relied on speculative analysis.

What Did Joan Rivers Say About Michelle Obama Being A Man?

Shortly before the passing of comedian Joan Rivers in late 2014, a paparazzi clip surfaced in which she jokingly referred to Obama as “the first gay President” due to the belief that Michelle was transgender. Some individuals took Rivers’ remark literally, and upon her death, a segment of online users claimed she was targeted for spreading the rumor.

Who Altered The Michelle Obama Photo?

In recent weeks, a manipulated photo gained viral attention, showing a younger Obama alongside a man who vaguely resembled Michelle. However, the photo had been digitally altered. The original image, shared by Obama on his Twitter account in 2019, depicted him and Michelle. In 2020, Facebook pages began circulating the doctored screenshot, which used a face filter to give Michelle a more pronounced jawline and shorter hair.

It is important to note that reputable sources and fact-checkers have refuted these claims, emphasizing their lack of evidence and the deceptive manipulation of information.

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