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Michelle Obama could be America’s next President

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Recent discussions hint at a potential twist in the upcoming 2024 presidential election. An intriguing source revealed that during a conversation with a foreign politician, it was suggested that Joe Biden might not be the Democratic nominee after all.

The theory goes that Biden could withdraw before the first primaries, leaving little time for a grassroots candidate to enter the race, and an establishment figure would be crowned at the convention. The name circulating as the potential successor is none other than Michelle Obama. It’s a wild scenario, but if this does happen, remember you heard it here first.

This anecdote aligns with what some UK sources have also indicated. When foreign governments engage with Biden, they often feel they’re dealing with the face of the administration rather than the one truly in charge.

Should the Democrats decide to drop Biden from their presidential ticket, it wouldn’t be entirely surprising given the tight race, Biden’s unpopularity, and his noticeable aging during his term (as evidenced by recent gaffes, such as his reference to the Grand Canyon being one of the “nine wonders of the world,” a fact historically attributed to the Phoenicians).

Doubts about Biden’s capabilities are magnified by the grim alternative, Vice President Kamala Harris, who has shown a tendency to condescend to others with her limited knowledge. Her recent remark that “community banks are in the community” was rather elementary, to say the least, and surprised those who believed they were situated in the Grand Canyon.

The prospect of a rematch between two unpopular nominees, Biden and Trump, doesn’t excite anyone. So why not consider asking or even forcing one of them to retire? Given various legal troubles, Trump’s choice is now between the White House or potential legal consequences.

This makes it logical to persuade Joe Biden to do the honorable thing or quietly replace him. One could envision a “Good Bye, Lenin” scenario, where Biden is placed in a mock-up of the Oval Office, unaware that he’s no longer the president. Nancy Pelosi could periodically inquire about his progress in ending the Great Depression.

Replacing Biden would present significant challenges, with deadlines for primary filings rapidly approaching (for instance, Nevada’s deadline is as early as October). Additionally, Democratic conventions haven’t been reliably fixed since 1968. Is Biden amenable to such a decision? Has he ever operated with an independent agenda?

The potential replacement of Michelle Obama might imply that he’s always been seen as an extension of Barack Obama’s presidency, a notion indirectly endorsed by Barack himself in a 2021 interview, where he stated that “Joe and the administration are essentially finishing the job” he started.

Despite the distinct character of the Biden presidency, with a more aggressive spending approach and an emphasis on cultural issues, the notion of Obama’s influence in Biden-era foreign policy is evident. Some argue that Obama’s people, who now make up a significant portion of Biden’s top aides (about 75%), continue to report back to him, resulting in an operating framework that’s “outside the constitutional framework.”

A hypothetical move to replace Biden with Michelle Obama, while seemingly fantastical and Hollywood-esque, might not be as far-fetched as it initially appears. Our sense of what’s “possible” has been drastically expanded by the Trump era.

Michelle Obama, a figure with broad popularity, has published bestselling books, served in the White House, and maintained a level of enigmatic privacy, unlike Trump. She has denied interest in running for the presidency, which, intriguingly, often indicates a certain level of interest.

While the idea of her overnight nomination may seem unconventional, consider the current political landscape. Her potential opponent would likely spend a significant portion of the election cycle in court, highlighting the fact that “normal” no longer holds in US politics.

If such a scenario were to unfold, it could be seen as a reinforcement of the political continuity that has spanned from 2008 to 2024, with Trump’s election standing out as a temporary anomaly, even causing Michelle Obama to “sob uncontrollably” during his inauguration. telegraph



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