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Melania Trump Explodes At Donald For Attacking…

Former President Donald Trump recently performed a bizarre skit during a rally, pantomiming and mimicking a woman weightlifter in a rant against transgender athletes via Media Ite.

Trump recently gave a speech to supporters Thursday afternoon in Houston, Texas, and was covered, as usual, by pro-Trump media outlet Right Side Broadcasting Network (RSBN).

It has come to light that during an extended rant against transgender athletes in women’s sports, Trump performed a skit that he says former First Lady Melania Trump “hates” — but the MAGA crowds love.

Imitating an unspecified competitor of Canadian powerlifter Anne Andres — who is transgender and is routinely misgendered by her critics — trying to break a record by one-half of one ounce, Trump also misgendered Andres:

“The one story is a young woman who was a great champion weightlifter and she was going to break the record. Her mother, her father, her husband, everybody was there. Two kids. And they’re in the front row just like these people right here, right there. And she’s going to break this record and she gets up it’s 216 or something, pounds like that. It’s a lot!

And they put a quarter of an ounce on one side of the barbell, a quarter of an ounce on the other side of the barbell. She got over that thing and she started going she’s going to show her parents that this is going to be a record.

And I shouldn’t do this because the first lady hates and hates me when I do it. She said, “Please don’t do the weightlifting. It’s not presidential.”.

I said, But the crowds like it. Well, I wouldn’t do this in a State of the Union speech.

So she gets over that big barbell and she gets it up. And she’s so proud of herself. She gets it up. She’s got it. The mother’s going “Go, baby. Go! You can do it, baby! I love you so much. And it’s bad news. Bad things are happening! Ahh! Mom I’m sorry, Mom! I didn’t do it!” Boom! Didn’t do it.

Then a guy comes along, he’s next, and he transitioned recently. They said, “Have you lifted before?” “.

“No, I haven’t really, no.”.

Oh, well, good luck. He goes over to the bar, looks at– Bing! Bong! Baw! Baw! I think they broke the record by 150 lbs.”

Trump went on to claim he will “end this on day one” if he’s re-elected. Federal law does not apply to Canadian powerlifting or college swimming



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