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Melania Trump Was Reportedly Close To Leaving Trump In 2018

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A revealing new book sheds light on a critical moment in Melania Trump’s relationship with Donald Trump back in 2018. According to the book, written by former Department of Homeland Security Chief of Staff, Miles Taylor, Melania was ready to leave her husband when a substantial number of his top officials threatened to resign.

The book, titled “Blowback,” also exposes President Trump’s intense fixation on his border wall, to the extent of suggesting that cows should climb ladders to prevent the wall from having doors. In “Blowback,” Taylor discloses that the former president’s controversial demand to use tear gas and potentially lethal force on asylum seekers at the Mexico border triggered a significant uproar among administration officials.

The situation became so tense that a mass resignation from top officials was seriously considered, and Melania was reportedly among those considering leaving her husband at that time.

Via Newsweek:

“A surprising name came up: First Lady Melania Trump,” Taylor writes. “I didn’t press for further details, but one attendee asserted that FLOTUS would actually consider leaving her husband if enough key officials quit.” Specifically, Taylor mentions Trump’s wanting to turn away all asylum seekers, weighing the throwing of tear gas at migrants at border crossings “to make people feel like their skin was on fire,” and even shooting those illegally entering the United States. All were part of the family separation policy.

According to Taylor’s account, he believed that such mass resignations would send a powerful message to Republicans, one that couldn’t be ignored. He even described it as a metaphorical “second burning of the White House.”

In addition to discussing the political turmoil, the book also delves into the mysterious dynamics of the Trumps’ relationship. Taylor confessed that he did not personally understand the underlying foundation of their relationship.

He revealed that there were rumors within the administration that Melania might have had some contractual obligation to Trump, and that this alleged obligation was renegotiated when he assumed office. Taylor’s candid revelations offer a unique insight into the inner workings of the Trump administration and the complexities surrounding the Trumps’ relationship.

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