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Married Teacher Charged with R@ping 14-Year-Old Student: More Allegations Emerge

The allegations against Rockensies have sent shockwaves through the educational community, as she was once a figure of authority and trust within the school.

Queens District Attorney Melinda Katz voiced her concern, stating, “These disturbing allegations represent an abuse of authority and a betrayal of the trust students and parents place in their schools.”

According to the criminal complaint, Rockensies, a mother of three, allegedly initiated a “sick relationship” with the student during her role as one of his summer school teachers and counselors.

The complaint states that their relationship began with “s*xually related conversations” on Instagram in June 2022, quickly escalating to physical encounters in her car by September of the same year.

Alarming details continue to emerge, as it is alleged that from October 2022 to July 2023, Rockensies engaged in the r@pe of the student on a weekly basis. Shockingly, sexually explicit messages exchanged on Instagram reportedly contained discussions of these illicit acts.

This situation is in stark contrast to Rockensies’ public social media presence, where she previously posted about helping children understand consent.

In an October 2021 post, she shared a public service announcement titled “Helping Kids Understand Consent.” This post offered guidance on discouraging inappropriate behavior, such as telling children to “keep secrets” or continuing to tickle them after they say stop.

However, the reality painted by the allegations appears to be vastly different. Police sources revealed that the allegations of abuse surfaced after Rockensies informed her principal in early July that the student, now 15, was attempting to extort her.

The allegations that followed included claims that the teen threatened her and her family’s safety if she didn’t provide him with $5,000. In a disturbing turn of events, he reportedly tried to enter the school with two friends on July 12 but was denied access.

Subsequently, he allegedly emailed screenshots of their sexually explicit conversations to the school’s principal and assistant principal, which prompted the involvement of the Department of Education.

While Rockensies’ husband, William Rockensies, maintains her innocence, the gravity of the allegations cannot be ignored. She faces charges that could result in up to seven years of imprisonment if convicted.

Her charges include two counts of rape, criminal sexual act, and endangering the welfare of a child.

The case has garnered significant attention due to its deeply troubling nature, and Rockensies is scheduled to appear in court on November 24.

As the legal proceedings unfold, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of protecting students and ensuring the safety of educational environments.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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