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Police Arrest Married Couple From North Carolina After Beating Their 6-Year-Old Child

A married couple from North Carolina has been apprehended by police officials after a distressing incident of child abuse was caught on camera.

The authorities were alerted to the situation when a speech therapist noticed a bruise on the child’s bottom and reported it as a potential case of child abuse.

Following the report, a social worker from Cleveland County met with the married couple, documenting the evidence by taking photographs of the wooden paddle used in the incident.

The social worker also reviewed surveillance footage from inside the couple’s home, which clearly showed the couple repeatedly striking their 6-year-old child with the wooden paddle.

Based on their investigations, the police believe that the child has been subjected to multiple instances of abuse by the married couple. Consequently, on May 17, the couple was taken into custody and charged with child abuse resulting in physical injuries.

However, the married couple was subsequently released on bail. Meanwhile, the abused child has been placed in the care of a relative residing outside North Carolina.

Ashlie is a senior reporter for the TosBos News. She covers live and breaking news from 6 am every day. Ashlie joined the M.E.N. in 2019 having previously worked for Cavendish Press news agency.


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