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Keith Olbermann calls for the arrest of Marjorie Taylor Greene for threatening Biden (video)

Keith Olbermann has urged the immediate arrest of Marjorie Taylor Greene, the representative from Georgia, in response to her alleged threat against President Biden.

During his recent Countdown podcast, the former ESPN host made the call, citing 18 US Code 871, which deals with “Threats against the President.” Olbermann emphasized that the law does not necessitate that Greene personally made or uttered the threats, only that she transmitted them.

Olbermann elaborated, stating, “Greene posted an explicit, five-minute video in which an individual identifying as ‘Ben Parka’ threatened President Biden regarding vaccination policies.” In the video, Parka, described as a MAGA supporter, strongly criticized Biden, at one point saying to the president, “I will eff you up, Homey.”

Greene then shared the video on her congressional account, adding, “I agree with this man!!”

Olbermann also highlighted Greene’s previous stance when someone threatened her life and received a three-month prison sentence just two weeks ago. Greene had criticized the leniency of the sentence.

Olbermann concluded, “She deserves the maximum penalty herself for delivering this severe threat against the president.” (See Olbermann’s video, along with Greene’s tweet and Parka’s video, below.)

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard joined the KPRC 2 digital team in the fall of 2021. Prior to becoming a digital content producer in Southeast Texas and a Houstonian, Moriah was an award-winning radio host in her hometown of Lorain, Ohio and previously worked as a producer/content creator in Cleveland. Her faith, family, and community are her top passions.


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