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Marjorie Taylor Greene calls for an end to affirmative action for vaccinated people

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has shared her perspective on the recent Supreme Court ruling that struck down affirmative action in Harvard University’s admissions. In her statement, she appears to suggest that LGBTQ+ individuals and vaccinated individuals are also benefiting from affirmative action.

Greene commented on the Supreme Court’s decision, emphasizing the principle of equality and the notion that race should not be a determining factor in admissions. The ruling pertained to Harvard’s consideration of race in their admissions process, which primarily aimed to support Black and Hispanic students.

However, it remains unclear what Greene specifically meant regarding sexual orientation, as Harvard does not factor sexuality into their admissions criteria. Affirmative action programs rarely focus on LGBTQ+ identities, and federal anti-discrimination laws do not explicitly include sexual orientation or gender identity as protected classes.

Greene’s mention of “vaccine status” aligns with her opposition to COVID-19 vaccination and vaccine mandates. She has previously expressed her decision not to be vaccinated and has drawn comparisons between the Biden administration’s vaccination efforts and the Nazi Party, told CNN.

In 2021, Greene likened vaccination promotion to Nazi tactics, stating that individuals should have the freedom to choose without government intervention. She also drew controversial parallels between the House’s mask mandate and the Holocaust, but later visited the Holocaust Museum and issued an apology.

Furthermore, Greene faced criticism when she was secretly recorded encouraging her supporters to confront and attack vaccine promotion workers. She also resorted to derogatory language against President Joe Biden for advocating for masking and vaccination as measures to combat the pandemic.

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