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After Discovering The Man’s Deteriorating Body Boxed Up In A Storage Unit In Illinois, A Woman Was Charged For Poisoning Him With Eye Drops

An Illinois woman, Marcy Lyn Ogleby, who was previously charged with concealing a decomposing body in a storage unit, now faces additional criminal counts, including murder. Officials claim that Ogleby poisoned the victim, Richard Young, using eye drops and other substances.

New paperwork filed on February 7 and obtained by KWQC reveals that between June 1 and Oct. 31 of 2021, Ogleby allegedly administered the toxic substances to Young’s food and drinks, with full knowledge that such acts posed a high probability of causing his death.

According to records, Ogleby is also accused of giving Young an antidepressant without his consent. After Young’s death, Ogleby is said to have concealed his body in a box, which she then locked in a storage unit sometime between Oct. 15 and Dec. 25, 2021.

In the fall of that year, deputies from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office responded to the storage units after receiving a complaint about a suspicious odor. Ogleby, listed as the owner of the unit, met with the deputies along with the storage facility manager. Ogleby claimed that the foul smell originated from a deceased opossum, as reported by KWQC.

When deputies requested Ogleby to open a large box stored in the unit, she allegedly admitted that it contained a body. She was subsequently arrested and initially charged with possession of a firearm without the required firearm owner’s identification card, forgery, and concealment of a death.

Upon discovering the alleged poisoning, prosecutors decided to press additional charges against Ogleby. The new charges include first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder, aggravated battery by administering a dangerous substance, and concealment of a homicide death.

Ogleby pleaded not guilty to the original charges on Oct. 31 and is scheduled to appear in court this week for a preliminary hearing regarding the new charges filed against her.

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