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‘Beef over money’: Man stabbed man over 30 times in downtown lot, police say

On Sunday evening, a man was apprehended on suspicion of stabbing another man a reported “30 to 40 times” within a downtown Las Vegas parking lot, as detailed in an arrest report from the Metropolitan Police Department.

A witness recounted to the police that she observed an altercation between a man, later identified as 25-year-old Dylan Ihmels, and her friend as they were returning to their vehicle, parked near Main Street Station.

The confrontation escalated into a physical altercation, ultimately leading both Ihmels and the other man to the ground. During the scuffle, Ihmels produced a small knife and proceeded to stab the victim repeatedly, according to the witness’s statement to law enforcement.

Subsequently, Ihmels allegedly disclosed to a police officer that the dispute had arisen due to a financial disagreement, dubbing it “beef over money,” according to the arrest report.

Following the incident, both Ihmels and the injured man were transported to University Medical Center for medical attention. The victim sustained stab wounds in both of his arms and approximately six significant stab wounds in his abdomen, necessitating the application of a chest seal and two tourniquets for each arm by the responding officers, as stated by the police.

Ihmels is currently facing an attempted murder charge, and his preliminary hearing is scheduled for August 31.



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