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Georgia Man Receives Consecutive Life Sentences for Brutal Easter Sunday Murders

In the aftermath of a harrowing crime in Buford, Georgia, Brandon Craig Williams has been sentenced to two consecutive life terms without parole for the brutal murders of 30-year-old Natalie Nation and her 2-year-old son, Cole Nation, on Easter Sunday in 2017.

The Gwinnett County District Attorney‘s Office announced the guilty verdict on December 1, emphasizing the “brutal strangulation” of the victims. Williams faced several charges, including murder, and WSBTV obtained a disturbing video featuring Williams in a Halloween mask, claiming he had “sacrificed them” while making gestures as if controlling imaginary objects.

“I already got them. I already sacrificed them,” Williams declared in the video. “Send all the rest of them to me now, from that location.”

The video captured the mother and child entering the house shortly before Williams followed them into a room, where he carried out the heinous act, as reported by WSBTV, citing authorities.

Living with the victims and his father at the time of the murders, Williams exhibited concerning behavior, prompting his father to intervene when he indicated an intention to burn down the house. The elderly man discovered Natalie and Cole dead in a bedroom. Forensic evidence revealed Williams’ DNA on the towel used in the murders.

The statement from prosecutors disclosed that Williams had previously choked Natalie but resuscitated her on a different occasion. On the day of the murders, neighbors heard Williams “scream he was going to kill everyone and go to California,” according to the DA’s office statement.

The sentencing reflects the severity of Williams’ crimes, providing some measure of justice for the victims and their grieving loved ones.

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