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Elderly Man Mauled To Death In Dog Attack That Injured 3 Others

Firefighters in San Antonio responded to distressing reports of an elderly man being dragged by a dog in a residential neighborhood. When they arrived at the scene, they were confronted with a gruesome and tragic sight. The elderly gentleman, an 81-year-old man, had been mauled to death in a horrific dog attack, which also left three others injured. Shockingly, the dogs responsible for the attack were still on the loose, posing a threat to both the victims and the firefighters who arrived to help. The intense and unusual situation was captured on video.

San Antonio Fire Chief Charles Hood and his team were faced with an unprecedented and traumatic incident that would test their ability to protect themselves and others. The initial emergency call led them to a residential area in San Antonio, Texas, where they discovered an elderly man being dragged by a dog. Chief Hood described the distressing scene, stating that they witnessed the elderly gentleman covered in blood even before they had a chance to exit the firetruck. The victim, accompanied by his wife, had been attacked by two American Staffordshire terriers while walking on the sidewalk.

According to the NY Post, the elderly couple had just arrived on the street to visit friends when the unleashed dogs, which had escaped from a neighbor’s yard, launched their attack. When firefighters arrived to assist, they encountered the two aggressive dogs involved in the incident, as well as another dog from the same household. The ferocious behavior of the dogs prevented the firefighters from providing immediate aid to the victims, forcing them to resort to drastic measures. Armed with pickaxes and poles, the firefighters defended themselves as they tended to the injured individuals. The intense situation was captured on video by a concerned neighbor.

Tragically, the damage inflicted by the dogs had already taken its toll. Both victims had visible bite injuries, according to the police. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, the elderly man succumbed to his injuries. His 74-year-old wife, as well as a fire captain who suffered a bite wound to the leg, and another individual bitten on the hand, also sustained injuries. The 74-year-old woman was rushed to University Hospital in critical condition.

Following the attack, animal control authorities seized three dogs, all owned by the same individual. Shannon Sims, director of San Antonio Animal Care Services, stated that all three dogs would be euthanized, but the investigation suspected only the two American Staffordshire terriers to be directly involved in the fatal dog attack.

The owner of the dogs, 31-year-old Christian Alexander Moreno, was arrested and faced felony charges related to the incident, including an attack by a dangerous dog resulting in death and injury to an elderly person, according to the San Antonio Police Department. Disturbingly, this was not the first instance of Moreno’s dogs causing trouble in the neighborhood.

Reports revealed that concerned neighbors had contacted San Antonio Animal Care Services multiple times in the preceding two years, reporting neglect and stray behavior from the dogs. Additionally, the two Staffordshire terriers had been involved in a previous biting incident two years prior to the fatal mauling of the elderly man. Although the animals were temporarily impounded at the time, they were later returned to their owner, as KENS 5 reports.

Fire Chief Charles Hood commended his team for their heroic efforts in a highly challenging situation, describing it as a horrific scene for both the victims and the firefighters involved. He emphasized that such incidents were uncommon for the firefighters, stating, “This is not something normal for us. We usually don’t show up and have to defend patients from animals or ourselves.” For those curious about the distinction between American Staffordshire terriers and American pit bull terriers.

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
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