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Man Marries Two Sisters, Reason Will Surprise You

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Kanta is responsible for taking care of her younger sister, Suman, who is mentally ill and unable to complete her studies. Kanta is worried that after she gets married, Suman will be left alone and unable to manage her daily tasks without her assistance.

To ensure that her sister is taken care of, Kanta expresses her desire to keep Suman with her even after she gets married. She informs her fiancé, Hari Om, that she will only marry him if he agrees to also marry Suman. After understanding Kanta’s situation and pain, both families agree to the condition.

On May 5th, in Morjhala, Uniyara, Rajasthan, Kanta, Hari Om, and Suman get married. Hari Om acknowledges that if he had not agreed to marry Suman, it would have been challenging for her family to find a suitable partner for her. He promises to make both of his wives happy in the marriage.

Reportedly A man from Jharkhand had gotten married to two women with their consent after having relationships with both of them. He had been in a live-in relationship with the first woman and had a child with her, while he met the second woman at work and grew close to her. Similarly, another man from Chhattisgarh also married two women, claiming that they both loved him and had agreed to be married to him together.

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