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Man, 25, Caught Having Sex With A COW

A 25-year-old individual was apprehended for engaging in sexual activity with a cow, following the observant actions of a concerned farmer who took measures to monitor his property. The farmer, residing near Christchurch in Dorset, suspected mistreatment of his livestock and, to address his concerns, employed CCTV surveillance and an alarm system.

On the night of June 12 last year, Liam Brown trespassed onto the farm premises and committed a distressing act of animal cruelty. However, the newly installed surveillance network identified Brown’s presence, and a DNA sample extracted from a calf confirmed the reprehensible incident.

Appearing before the Pool Magistrate Court, Brown displayed emotions as he was pronounced guilty of sexually penetrating a live animal and inflicting needless suffering upon a protected creature. The case, as reported by Mail Online, has been referred to Bournemouth Crown Court for sentencing, considering the possibility of imprisonment for Brown’s heinous behavior.

Prosecutor Charles Nightingale outlined that the farm had taken precautionary measures, including alarms and surveillance systems, due to escalating concerns for the safety and wellbeing of their young livestock.

Brown had a prior connection to the farm due to his family’s involvement in the past. The farm’s new surveillance apparatus captured Brown’s actions, leading the family to discover his presence. Despite having a clean record, Brown has refrained from returning to the farm since the incident.

Nightingale noted that the family understandably wanted to distance Brown from the farm. In defense, Harry Price-Smith concurred that the case warranted sentencing in a higher court. Brown was granted unconditional bail.

The magistrates conveyed that the case was elevated to the crown court due to the gravity of the offenses, potentially necessitating a more severe penalty than they could administer.

Sentencing proceedings are scheduled for September 22.

Jake Massey
Jake Massey
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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