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(VIDEO) Man Beats His Ex-Wife In Public, Moments Later Good Samaritan Gives Him Instant Dose Of Karma

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This is the dramatic moment a man dives and headbutts a thug to the ground after seeing him repeatedly beat his ex-wife in a Turkish street.

The shocking CCTV footage captures a man relentlessly hitting a defenseless woman on the head.

With what appears to be rolled-up papers, the man continues to hit the woman as she collapses to her knees and yells for help.

As the ex-husband stops his assault, another man can be seen charging towards the thug and taking him down.

The man dives at the brute and headbutts him to the ground with other passers-by soon piling on top.

Another said: ‘It was terrifying. The woman was yelling the place down. She was trying to protect herself. This kind of violence is unacceptable,’ reports the Sun.

The violence started after the couple, who are believed to be divorced, attended a hearing at the Istanbul Court of Justice, local media reports.

The man – named Mehmet T. was later arrested. It is unclear where in Turkey the clip was filmed.

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