Man Attempts Arson to Harm Wife, Faces Multiple Charges Including Assault and Arson

A 48-year-old man is currently facing charges of arson and other offenses after allegedly attempting to set his house on fire while his wife and her aunt were trapped inside.

On December 6 at 1:30 a.m., the Clay County Sheriff’s Office received a distress call from Darin Thomsen’s wife, reporting that her estranged husband was inside the residence, violating a restraining order, and threatening her with violence.

In response, the woman took immediate action, barricading herself and her 78-year-old aunt in a bedroom. As tension escalated, they detected the smell of smoke permeating through the residence.

Upon arriving at the scene, Clay County deputies noticed a distinct odor of burning. Thomsen, allegedly uncooperative, initially walked out to the porch but refused to comply with deputies’ orders and retreated inside.

A struggle ensued between Thomsen and the deputies, complicated by the presence of a large and aggressive dog in the house. The deputies, facing the canine threat, managed to relocate the dog to another room, securing it behind a closed door.

Pleasant Valley firefighters were able to extinguish the flames, rescuing the two women who expressed being “in fear for their lives.” The fire, originating in the living room, damaged a cabinet and a painting. Authorities reported that the flames were progressing towards the ceiling before being successfully quelled.

During the investigation, accelerants were discovered within the residence, and Thomsen was found in possession of a torch lighter. The Missouri Department of Public Safety’s Division of Fire Safety confirmed the deliberate nature of the fire.

Darin Thomsen now faces charges of first-degree assault on a special victim, arson, domestic assault, and assault on a law enforcement officer. He is currently held in custody at the Clay County Detention Center, with a set bond of $100,000.

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