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Man Accused of Brutal Stabbing and Plastic Wrap Assault While Wearing Ankle Monitor Unveils Shocking Details of Heinous Attack

A disturbing incident unfolded last week as a 31-year-old man, Roger Gonzalez, stands accused of brutally stabbing a woman and callously wrapping her in plastic, all while he was wearing an ankle monitor.

The Atascosa County Sheriff’s Office responded to a distressing report on Friday, Dec. 1, around 4 p.m., leading deputies to the 4000 block of Eichman Road. Upon arrival, they discovered an injured woman who had suffered a horrific ordeal—she had been beaten, stabbed, and her throat slashed.

To compound the brutality, she was found rolled up in plastic in a pasture, seemingly left for dead. Sheriff David Soward of Atascosa County conveyed the shocking details, stating that Roger Gonzalez is alleged to have carried out the heinous attack.

Soward told KENS-TV that an arrest warrant for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon was obtained, leading to Gonzalez’s apprehension at his residence on Lytle Street in San Antonio. According to Sheriff Soward, the suspect and the victim were in a relationship, adding a disturbing dimension to the already grim circumstances.

Initially set at $40,000, Gonzalez’s bond was later increased to $275,000 by a judge, reflecting the severity of the charges against him. The victim, in critical but stable condition, was promptly transported to a San Antonio hospital for medical attention.

The case unfolds as a deeply troubling narrative of violence and brutality, leaving a community in shock and prompting authorities to pursue justice for the victim. Investigations into the motive and circumstances surrounding the incident are likely to shed further light on this distressing episode.



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