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Ky. woman rescued after being chained to the floor in barricaded house

Police and emergency personnel rescued a woman who was chained to the floor after neighbors called to report they heard someone screaming for help.

The Louisville Metro Police Department shared body camera footage from officers who responded to a home on the 1700 block of Bolling Avenue on Aug. 16 at approximately 7 p.m. The officers could hear the woman screaming and tried to enter the house through the front door. The whole first floor, however, was “completely barricaded.”

The officers noticed a shattered window on the second story, so they found a ladder and climbed up. When they got into the room, they located an adult woman “chained to the floor.”

Police said, “The woman had a chain around her neck, which was secured by a MasterLock, and that chain was bolted to the floor with a screw.”

In the video, the woman, whose face is blurred out, is crying. She apologized to the officer because she didn’t know where the suspect went.

One officer retrieved a hatchet from inside the home and “began going to work on the chain,” trying to break it. They eventually broke through the chain and got the victim to safety outside.

Officials from Louisville EMS and the Fire Department used large bolt cutters to free the woman outside the residence.

Louisville Police said officers arrested a suspect two days later. The department’s domestic violence unit is investigating the case.

According to WHAS-TV, the suspect has been identified as 36-year-old Moises May and he was taken into custody on charges of kidnapping, wanton endangerment, domestic violence assault, intimidating a participant in the legal process, terroristic threatening, and physical harassment.

The victim and May reportedly have a child together. He allegedly abused her prior to her being chained to the floor. On Aug. 14, they reportedly got into a fight and he slapped her, then pinned her to the ground and cut off some of her hair with a machete.

She returned two days later, but May allegedly locked all the doors and threatened to kill her if she ever came back to his house.

WHAS reports that May is being held on a $100,000 bond.

In a comment on their Facebook post, Louisville Police said, “Shout out (again) to that block for SEEING SOMETHING AND SAYING SOMETHING! Y’all saved a life that day!”

Moriah Ballard
Moriah Ballard
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