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Kidnapping Drama Unfolds in Denmark: Heiress’s Children Abducted Amid Ongoing Custody Battle

In Denmark, two children, aged 13 and 10, were reportedly abducted from a restaurant on New Year’s Eve while watching fireworks with their father, Stephan Hensel. The youngsters, Klara and Theodor, are the offspring of Christina Block, heiress to a German steakhouse empire. The alleged kidnappers, a group of men, assaulted Hensel and escaped with the children in two rental cars bearing German license plates, as per Danish police.

Christina Block, 49, is the daughter of steakhouse magnate Eugen Block, whose fortune is estimated at $330 million. The incident occurred at Caféodora in Gråsten. The motive behind the kidnapping is uncertain, and it remains unclear whether the abductors crossed the Danish border.

The Telegraph reports that Danish authorities are exploring a potential connection between the abduction and an ongoing custody battle between Block and Hensel. The former couple, who relocated to Denmark post-divorce in 2018, has been entangled in a legal dispute over parental rights.

German police are collaborating in the investigation, citing the possibility of a kidnapping. Notably, Block had previously accused Hensel of kidnapping their two youngest children in 2021, following a weekend visit to Denmark. A legal tug-of-war ensued in both German and Danish courts, with conflicting rulings on custody.

As of Tuesday, there have been no reported sightings of the abducted children. Requests for further information from German and Danish authorities have gone unanswered as the investigation continues.



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