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Video: Juvenile body-slams uniformed Detroit cop in an attempt to steal his gun; perp underage accomplice pulls a piece of his own

Surveillance footage captured a harrowing incident over the weekend at a gas station in Detroit, where a juvenile male attempted to steal a firearm from a uniformed police officer, leading to an intense physical altercation inside the store.

In the video, it becomes evident that the young accomplice of the perpetrator also brandished a gun during the chaotic encounter. According to WDIV-TV, the officer had stopped at a BP gas station on his way to provide security for a Taylor Swift concert at Ford Field. While the officer was waiting in line inside the store located at Joy and Southfield Roads, one of the males in the video can be seen approaching the officer and attempting to reach for his gun.

The footage shows the assailant forcefully tackling the officer against a shelf and managing to seize the officer’s firearm. The officer fiercely fought back, even as the attacker slammed him to the floor. Authorities informed WDIV that at one point, the second male pointed his handgun at the officer.

Despite the challenging circumstances, the officer displayed remarkable resilience and successfully regained control of his gun as the struggle continued. WDIV reported that the accomplice, who brandished his own weapon, did not actively participate beyond that action. Both individuals swiftly fled the store, and fortunately, no shots were fired during the altercation, as reported by WDIV.

In a subsequent update, WDIV reported that both juveniles seen in the video turned themselves in peacefully on Monday, according to the police. The station further mentioned that authorities have not yet located the firearm held by one of the suspects in the footage, and the motive behind the attack remains unknown.

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