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Judge Was Disturbed by Trump’s Daughter’s Responses, Saying “That Could Have Been a Simple Yes”

In the ongoing high-stakes civil fraud trial involving former President Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump’s testimony on November 8 has emerged as a critical focal point. The trial centers on allegations of inflating property values by more than $2 billion to secure advantageous loans, and Ivanka’s role as a key witness has brought her intense scrutiny.

According to NBC News reports, Ivanka has been presented with a plethora of documents and emails during her testimony. Her responses have often followed a consistent pattern – she either claims not to recall or offers tentative responses like “it appears so.” This approach to questioning has raised questions about the depth of her knowledge regarding her father’s businesses.

At times, Ivanka has mentioned that she remembers the state presenting her with these documents in previous meetings, prompting frustration from Judge Engoron, who remarked, “That could have been a simple yes.” The judge’s comment suggests a desire for more direct and straightforward responses from the witness.

Ivanka has also requested to review the presented documents more frequently compared to other witnesses, which may reflect her determination to provide accurate and considered answers or a cautious approach to the proceedings.

The prosecution has not shied away from challenging Ivanka’s understanding of her father’s businesses and his true net worth, asking whether she harbors any doubts about the accuracy of the documents and emails presented. Ivanka has consistently responded with a firm “no,” indicating her confidence in the materials provided.

As the trial unfolds, the level of Ivanka’s involvement and her grasp of the intricate details of her father’s real estate empire continue to be scrutinized. The judge’s remark about the simplicity of certain responses underscores the importance of clear and unequivocal testimony in this consequential legal battle.

A defeat in this trial could result in a staggering $250 million fine for Donald Trump, potential bans on conducting business in his home state, and the prospect of losing control of iconic properties like Trump Tower. Both Donald Trump and his co-defendant sons, Eric and Donald Trump Jr., have staunchly denied all allegations brought against them.

The courtroom drama surrounding this case captivates the nation, with the outcome poised to have far-reaching implications for one of the most influential figures in modern American politics. As the proceedings continue, all eyes remain fixed on Ivanka’s testimony and the pivotal role she plays in this high-stakes legal battle.



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