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Joe Biden’s Son Hints at Plagiarism in 2010 Obama Speech Emails

Emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop have revealed an exchange between Joe Biden and his son, where Joe Biden criticized Barack Obama for alleged plagiarism, as reported by Fox News on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

The exchange in question occurred on September 7, 2010, just one day after President Obama delivered a pro-union speech at Laborfest in Milwaukee.

In an email to his father’s personal account, Hunter quoted a portion of President Obama’s speech, raising eyebrows with the question,

“Wonder where he got that from?” Hunter went on to express his surprise that Obama didn’t conclude the speech with the famous phrase, “the long walk up a short flight of stairs.”

The response from Joe Biden was terse but telling: “No grace,” he replied.

Hunter Biden’s implication was clear: he believed that President Obama had borrowed language from his father’s 2008 campaign speeches.

During his 2008 campaign, then-Senator Joe Biden frequently emphasized the impact of job loss on families, stating, “It’s dignity. It’s respect.”

He also recounted a poignant story about the “long walk” a parent must make to inform their child that they’ve lost their job or home.

The irony of Joe Biden criticizing Obama for alleged plagiarism is not lost on political observers.

Biden’s first presidential campaign in 1988 was marred by allegations of plagiarism, which ultimately led to its downfall.

Additionally, during his first year at Syracuse University College of Law, Biden was found to have plagiarized a paper by using five pages from a published law review article without proper citation.

The revelation of this email exchange was made possible by Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, which contains a trove of emails, some of which have been the subject of intense scrutiny.

Joe Biden’s personal email address,, was among the communication channels he used with his family.

It’s worth noting that the term “auks” is a reference to the mascot of Archmere Academy, the high school attended by both Joe Biden and his son, Hunter Biden.

Despite these revelations, neither the White House, President Obama’s office, nor Hunter Biden’s lawyer have responded to inquiries from Fox News regarding these emails.

This revelation has once again cast a spotlight on the complex dynamics of the Biden-Obama relationship and raises questions about the extent of their collaboration on speeches and policy matters during their time in office.

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