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Joe Biden Immigration Claim: He ‘Has Done More To Secure The Border’ Than Anyone Else

Within the Democratic party, tensions are escalating over one of the nation’s most divisive and seemingly intractable issues: immigration.

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez recently voiced her concerns to The New York Times, characterizing immigration as the Biden administration’s “most vulnerable aspect.”

“Immigration is arguably this administration’s most vulnerable aspect,” AOC stated. “This is an area where politics play a substantial role in shaping our policies, perhaps more so than almost any other.

We have provided clear recommendations and suggestions to the administration for addressing this issue, and I believe some of the hesitancy is rooted in a fear of being perceived as endorsing or providing permission, and the Republican narratives surrounding immigration.”

AOC emphasized the need to explore the root causes of migration and shift the focus beyond the border. “This problem doesn’t originate at our border; it starts with our foreign policy,” she added.

However, AOC’s critique was met with resistance at the White House. White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre countered AOC’s remarks, highlighting President Biden’s efforts to address immigration and secure the border.

“The president has taken substantial steps to secure the border and address immigration, more so than anyone else. He genuinely has,” Jean-Pierre affirmed.

She continued, explaining that the administration faced challenges with a broken system, as Republicans remained uncooperative in pursuing bipartisan solutions.

Responding to AOC’s comments, Jean-Pierre also addressed the absence of a meeting between President Biden and New York Governor Kathy Hochul. The governor had urged the White House to take executive action in assisting New York with the integration of over 100,000 asylum seekers.

Jean-Pierre clarified that President Biden had not dismissed the meeting but had delegated it to his Secretary of Homeland Security and Chief of Staff due to his busy agenda. “The president has an extensive range of responsibilities on his plate,” Jean-Pierre stated.

AOC, a representative from New York, has sought federal government collaboration to address the influx of migrants. During her interview with The Times, she underscored the need for a “federal government partnership” to address the situation.

“I have not shied away from criticizing how the Biden administration has handled this issue,” AOC remarked. “New York City is on the front lines of this, and we have consistently requested various forms of relief from the administration.”



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