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Jeffery Epstein’s Connection To Barack Obama Revealed

Newly disclosed details concerning Jeffrey Epstein have revealed his connection to Kathryn Ruemmler, a legal professional who has been associated with both the Clinton and Obama administrations.

According to CNBC, recent records show that Kathryn Ruemmler was referred to JPMorgan as a potential client, a proposition that the bank accepted.

This development occurred six years after Epstein’s relationship with JPMorgan was terminated. Notably, this connection emerged merely four months prior to Epstein’s arrest on federal charges related to child sex trafficking and five months before his reported suicide in a Manhattan federal prison.

Kathryn Ruemmler, a highly regarded White House attorney, served during the Clinton Administration and played a crucial role as a key witness for the Clinton Foundation during Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation.

She later continued her legal career under President Barack Obama’s administration, ultimately serving as the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General at the Department of Justice.

The Daily Beast‘s 2020 report highlighted the close professional relationship between Obama and Kathryn Ruemmler. Obama was quoted in 2014 saying, “Kathy has become one of my most trusted advisers over the past few years.

I deeply value her smarts, her judgment, and her wit—but most importantly her uncanny ability to see around the corners that nobody else anticipates.”

Furthermore, CNBC’s coverage noted that Kathryn held the distinction of being Obama’s longest-serving White House general counsel. While JPMorgan reportedly refuted any impropriety in relation to the Epstein case, where allegations were made about the bank’s involvement in supporting Epstein’s sex trafficking network in the US Virgin Islands, the bank acknowledged Epstein’s connection to Kathryn.

In a statement, JPMorgan conceded, “Epstein was involved in the establishment of a customer relationship with Kathryn Ruemmler.” Additionally, the 2020 report from The Daily Beast indicated that Kathryn was present at Epstein’s court appearance as a show of support.

Although she was considered a potential attorney involved in the case’s proceedings, her close affiliations with figures like Obama led her to reconsider. Nevertheless, she attended the appearance due to her “professional relationship” with Jeffrey Epstein.



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