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January Stimulus Payment: Which states are issuing tax refund checks this month?

To help counter the record-high inflation that has been hurting Americans’ wallets, the federal government has been changing everything from tax brackets to monthly Social Security payments.

During the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, stimulus checks totaling more than $3,000 were issued in 2020 and 2021. While some states have issued checks, there does not appear to be much momentum for the federal government to authorize more stimulus payments.

These States Are Still Sending Out Checks

We can identify 8 different states that will send these checks this year. Many folks will be able to obtain a good financial infusion to help them get through the next few months in the best way possible thanks to these 2023 stimulus payments according to the Marca.

California. The IRS will not be paying out inflation relief checks in the state of California until January 15. These 2023 stimulus checks might be worth up to $1,025. Other checks of $350 or more are available, the amount of which is determined by each family’s economic circumstances.

Colorado. In order to get the 2023 stimulus checks, Colorado residents had to have paid their taxes on time. We’re talking about the fact that they have to be paid by October 17, 2021. This check is actually for 2022, even though the IRS sends it in 2023.

Idaho. The State of Idaho will not issue these new checks until the end of March 2023. On these checks, there are three options. It might be 10% of the 2022 income tax liability, $300 for single filers, and $600 for joint filers. The greatest of these three amounts will be paid to the citizen.

New Jersey. The New Jersey Stimulus payments will be delivered after May 2023. Anyone earning less than $150,000 will be eligible for one of these $450 checks.

Pennsylvania. Although this state will get fresh stimulus checks in 2023, applications must be received by December 31, 2022. The maximum refund is $650, but you must meet all IRS requirements.

South Carolina. In this state, payments of up to $800 are available and will come in March 2023. However, filing taxes between October 17 and February 15 is required.

New Mexico. New Mexicans can still receive a Stimulus check in 2023 if they pay their 2021 taxes before May 2023. After then, these residents will be eligible to receive the money.

Illinois. The residents of the ninth of these states may get two Stimulus check payments. On the one hand, there is the income tax rebate. The property tax rebate, on the other hand. The first one can be as little as $50 or $100, so it is not a large sum, but it can be very useful.

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