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Ivanka Trump ‘Praying’ In Photo After Violent…

Ivanka Trump uploaded a photo on her Instagram story, praying for the return of hostages captured by Hamas.

During a recent segment of CNN’s The Source with Kaitlan Collins, Maggie Haberman, a New York Times correspondent, and CNN analyst, shared her perspective on Ivanka Trump’s failed attempt to delay her testimony in a fraud case overseen by Judge Arthur Engoron and initiated by New York Attorney General Letitia James.

Despite Ivanka’s plea of “undue hardship” due to the trial falling on a school week, her motion was promptly dismissed.

In their discussion, both Haberman and Collins appeared unmoved by the argument presented by Ivanka’s legal team. Haberman underscored the Trump family’s propensity for confrontational tactics, highlighting their recurrent attempts to prolong legal proceedings.

She pointed to Ivanka’s prior testimony before the House Select Committee, particularly her involvement in the January 6th events, which had elicited strong reactions from her father, former President Trump. Haberman suggested that similar discomfort might be anticipated during Ivanka’s testimony in the ongoing case.

Regarding Ivanka’s claim of hardship, Haberman emphasized that many parents, even those with multiple children, often find themselves obligated to appear in court without deeming it an undue burden.

She insinuated that Ivanka’s considerable financial resources weakened her plea of hardship, noting that her attempts to delay the proceedings were unsurprising given her family’s history of legal tactics.

Haberman’s comments provided insight into the broader legal context surrounding the Trump family, shedding light on their strategic maneuvers within a landscape rife with controversy and ongoing investigations.

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