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Influencer dies after downing bottles of liquor during the live stream

According to CNN, a Chinese social media influencer tragically passed away less than 12 hours after consuming seven bottles of Baijiu, a popular Chinese spirit, during a live stream on Douyin, China’s equivalent of TikTok.

The 34-year-old influencer, known as “Sanqiange,” initiated a drinking challenge on Douyin around 1 am on May 16. The challenge involved consuming Baijiu, a potent Chinese liquor with an alcohol content typically ranging from 30% to 60%, as reported by Shangyou News.

The challenge, called a “PK challenge,” entails influencers competing against each other for rewards and gifts from viewers, often involving punishments for the loser. In this instance, the penalty was drinking Baijiu. Sanqiange’s friend, Mr. Zhao, shared with Shangyou News that he was uncertain of the quantity consumed before he joined the live stream. However, in the latter part of the video, he witnessed Sanqiange finishing three bottles and starting on a fourth.

According to Chinese media, viewers reported that Sanqiange consumed at least seven bottles of Baijiu during the stream. Unfortunately, he was discovered lifeless by his family 12 hours after the broadcast, leaving no chance for emergency treatment, as revealed by Mr. Zhao.

Shangyou News verified that Sanqiange’s cause of death was excessive drinking, and he had already been cremated that morning.

BBC reports that Douyin prohibits alcohol consumption during live streams, imposing penalties such as warnings, restrictions from participating in livestream competitions, and limitations on app visibility.

Prior to this incident, the influencer had been banned from the app for drinking-related content, but he circumvented the ban by creating new accounts. He had a history of filming himself participating in similar alcohol-related challenges and sharing them on the platform. His untimely demise has sparked extensive scrutiny regarding the safety and regulations surrounding such social media apps.

Rhiannon Ingle
Rhiannon Ingle
Journalist at the Medialinker Group


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