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Boy, 16, suffered ‘irreversible’ brain damage and died after drinking a protein shake, inquest hears

Tragedy struck in August 2020 when a teenager, Rohan Godhania, suffered what is suspected to be “irreversible” brain damage and passed away after consuming a protein shake. The 16-year-old, described as a “gentle soul,” had his whole life ahead of him.

Rohan’s father, Pushpa, had purchased the protein drink from a supermarket, hoping it would aid in muscle development. Unfortunately, shortly after consuming the shake, the teenager fell ill, experiencing stomach cramps and vomiting.

Three days later, Rohan tragically passed away in the hospital, and an inquest revealed that a rare condition called ornithine transcarbamylase (OTC) deficiency may have been the cause. This disease inhibits the breakdown of ammonia, leading to its accumulation in the bloodstream, which can be triggered by a high protein intake, reportsĀ MyLondon.

Due to Rohan’s organs being donated for transplant, a definitive cause of death could not be determined at the time.

During the inquest at Milton Keynes Coroner’s Court, lawyers representing the Godhania family raised concerns about missed opportunities to screen Rohan for ammonia levels before his passing. Mr. Godhania also suggested that warnings should be added to protein drinks.

In a statement on behalf of Rohan’s parents, they described their son as bright, gentle, reliable, and highly intelligent. They mourned the loss of their beloved son, emphasizing the impact his absence has had on countless lives.

The inquest, originally scheduled to continue on June 28, was postponed to allow the coroner to review legal submissions before delivering his findings. The senior coroner assured Rohan’s family that the delay would be minimized, and he aimed to share his conclusions before the start of the school summer holidays.

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