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“I’m Going To Bed” Joe Biden Says During A Press Conference In Vietnam

President Joe Biden made headlines yet again, this time with a peculiar announcement during a press conference in Vietnam.

According to a report by MEDIAite on Sunday, September 10, 2023, President Biden amidst a series of odd outbursts, declared, “I’m going to bed.”

Biden was asked if his inability to speak with Xi in 10 months wouldn’t affect U.S.-China relations.

Biden stated that he doesn’t see the lack of recent communication as having a negative impact on relations.

The MEDIAite quoted him as saying: “As a matter of fact, I think it’s less likely to cause that kind of conflict.”

“And look, nobody likes having celebrated international meetings if you don’t know what you want at the meeting.”

“If you don’t have a game plan. He may have a game plan. He just hasn’t shared it with me.“

“But I tell you what, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to go to bed.”

The press conference had been eagerly anticipated as it was meant to address key issues concerning the U.S.-Vietnam relationship, but it took a bizarre turn as President Biden’s behavior became increasingly erratic.

The event began with the President attempting to answer questions from reporters, but he quickly veered off-script.

Reporters in attendance were left puzzled and concerned as the President’s responses became disjointed and unrelated to the pressing matters at hand.

It was during one of these perplexing moments that President Biden uttered the now-infamous words, “I’m going to bed,” leaving both the media and the world bewildered.

This incident has raised questions about President Biden’s health and ability to effectively lead the nation.

Critics argue that it’s not the first time his public appearances have been marred by unusual statements and actions.

Some have called for transparency regarding his medical condition, while others speculate that the stress of the presidency may be taking a toll.

The White House quickly cut off the press conference after President Biden’s puzzling declaration, leaving many questions unanswered.

This abrupt ending has fueled further speculation about the situation, with some suggesting that there may be more to the story than meets the eye.

President Biden’s unexpected announcement during the Vietnam press conference has left the nation and the world in a state of confusion.

This incident has raised concerns about his health and leadership, and it remains to be seen how the White House will address the situation and provide clarity to the American people.

Ashlie is a senior reporter for the TosBos News. She covers live and breaking news from 6 am every day. Ashlie joined the M.E.N. in 2019 having previously worked for Cavendish Press news agency.


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